Metrics Sharing at a PM Community of Practice

As part of our Product Management Community of Practice, we regularly share metrics. 

We experimented with a few ways this could work. 

At one point, it was anything goes:

  • Data to help make a decision
  • Pre-shaping opportunity estimate
  • Team dashboard
  • ROI estimate
  • Ongoing project goal metric
  • Post-launch metric

They also talked about where they were having challenges and got input from the group, such as knowing what they wanted to measure for their project, but not being sure how to measure that information.

Or maybe they had some of the data needed to make a decision, but they were still working on the SQL query to gather other data.

Based on one week’s PM Club, the next week’s PM Club was actually “metrics pairing.” Instead of PM Club, I paired up everyone and canceled PM Club. They could use that 45 minute time slot, or another time slot that worked better for the two of them, to work on whatever metric-related activity the two of them wanted.

Over time, we’ve ended up moving towards just one type of metric for repeated sharing: success metric.

Everyone shares a success metric they either have updated since our last meeting, or are planning for a new project since our last meeting. One important aspect of this is that team members discuss what they will do (or anticipate doing) with this information. For example, if the usage rate isn’t as high as their goal rate, perhaps they’ll work with the product marketing team on an email to a targeted group of customers who aren’t using the feature, but probably should be. 

Encouraging the team to regularly share metrics has been helpful in encouraging the team to remember to set and keep updating success metrics before and after launches at regular intervals.

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