About Jackie

Picture of me, Jackie Greenfield

Hello! I’m Jackie Greenfield, head of product management at Patriot Software

I’m an experienced and highly organized team leader, with a deep background in UX and a passion for mentoring team members.

I love connecting with others! If you want to chat, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’m passionate about people.

The people on my team

Example person

I care deeply about supporting my team. I love helping them set goals, grow their technical or soft skills, or simply providing a sounding board for them.

“I really appreciate all of your support and guidance over this past year. Thank you for gathering feedback from my teammates throughout the year… I am thankful to have had you as a career manager this past year! ☺” ~Team member (g2o)

The people who use the products we design

Person standing

I went into this industry because I wanted to help people. Working at a HelpDesk in college, I saw firsthand the issues that can arise with poor usability. I’m still passionate about this today.

“I think everything seems very streamlined and very user friendly.” ~End user (internal banking app)

The people who use the deliverables we create

Guy standing

This is a group rarely mentioned, but whom are critical to consider. I’ve presented and written about the ‘usability of deliverables’ – making sure the things we create are easy to use.
If our vision doesn’t come to life as we expect, it’s easy to blame others. But by thinking of our cross-functional team’s needs upfront, we make life easier for everyone – and move our vision a little closer to reality.

“Your communication level was extremely professional, and very timely… I love your quick assessment of information and how you are always thinking one step ahead of the process” ~Dev team member