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The Art of Product Management: A Workshop

Every week, our Product Management team has a “PM Club”, where the goal is to grow and learn together.

One week, we read The Art of Product Management, by Ken Norton. Sometimes we read articles and then just discuss them, but I wanted to do more than just talk about this one, so I created a ‘workshop’.

We did this workshop in Miro. Each team member had a sticky note with their name on it, and then stickies with 1 to 6 on them next to their name. Each team member had a designated color.

The first task was to take your own stickies with 1 to 6 on them and put them next to each of the 6 categories from the article, with 1 being your ‘highest’ rated category and 6 being your ‘lowest’ rated category.

After discussing those results, we moved on to the second task towards the end of our meeting. Every team member moved the sticky with their name on it next to the area that they were most interested in learning more about. That often aligned with where they rated themselves as being a 5 or 6, but not always.

I’ve blurred out the team members’ names for privacy reasons, but here is the Miro board we ended up with:

This was a great exercise for the team to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better, for me to understand how they perceive themselves, and to help me determine what else we should be working on learning as a team.

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