Intro to my posts

I read an inspiring article, called “Just Write.”

In that article, Sara states that:

What you write might help someone understand a concept that you may think has been covered enough before. We each have our own unique perspectives and writing styles. One writing style might be more approachable to some, and can therefore help and benefit a large (or even small) number of people in ways you might not expect.

This really helped me get over my concern that I wouldn’t be able to add value with my writing.

So, here I am, writing. It’s harder than I thought, in some ways, and I don’t know how long I’ll keep it up – I wasn’t very good at doing LiveJournal regularly (wow, who remembers those days?!), nor do I update my cooking blog regularly – but regardless, I’m looking forward to trying.

It’s a way to practice writing and sharing my thoughts, if nothing else, which is certainly valuable. It’s a way for me to look back on articles years later, and remember what I was thinking at the time, and perhaps learn from myself. That’s certainly how I use my cooking blog – to remember recipes!

While I’m a user experience expert, I plan to write about other things as well – really, anything I’ve learned in the workplace. For example, what do you need to consider in estimating creative projects? What do you do when a client wants your Excel taxonomy to look pretty? etc.

If you’re reading this – welcome! I hope you enjoy.

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